Right now each Gyro is hand made. We are looking for industry partners that can help us take Gyro to the next level by ordering in bulk and industrializing the manufacturing process. This would significantly lower the cost per unit.

We are also in the process of launching a kickstarter campaign to finance building another batch of Gyros.

If you don't like waiting for any of that, you can contact us and get a quote for your very own customized hand made Gyro.

We sell this product in four different packages:


Just the Motoruino2 board that powers Gyro. You're just missing the motors and the chassis to have a working robot. Motoruino2 is a full featured Arduino based board made specially for robotic needs with an 9-DOF IMU. Check this flyer or contact us directly for more info. Does not include Bluetooth 2.0 communications module. Includes USB cable. Does not include LIPO battery.

Gyro without shell

Motoruino2 with a basic chasis, includes 2 motors, a special PCB to interface with the front bumpers (includes 2 line sensors and 3 color sensors), a Bluetooth 2.0 communications module, a LIPO battery and USB cable.

Gyro with vaccum form shell

Gyro with a vaccum form shell. It's the cheapest shell available to protect the electronics while still allowing easy access for the curious minds to tinker with. Can be custom painted or decorated. Includes Bluetooth 2.0 communications module, LIPO battery and USB cable.

Gyro with cast mold shell

Gyro with a more resilient cast mold shell. This shell is made using a different process, it's more sturdy and colorful but still allows access to the electronics. Includes Bluetooth 2.0 communications module, LIPO battery and USB cable.

These prices don't include VAT or shipping costs.


Additionally to the standard Gyro packages we sell add-ons to extend it's functionality and offer on-demand customization services. Please contact us to discuss details.

Add-ons and services:

  • Bumper PCB - a special PCB to interface with the front bumpers, includes 2 line sensors and 3 color sensors.
  • Light Sensor PCB - a small PCB with an inbuilt light sensor that can detect light, colors and motion.
  • Pen Holder - a system to hold a drawing pen on Gyro
  • Sandbox Breakout - an Arduino compatible breakout with added sensor functionality
  • Extra LIPO Batteries or USB cables
  • External Charger - Gyro charges the battery through USB connection, but you might want to charge it externally
  • Bluetooth 4.0 Communication Module - a lower energy consumption Bluetooth communications module.
  • Custom Shell Design
  • Custom Interactive Application Development
  • Robotics Workshops (for kids and adults)