Gyro is the perfect tool to teach anyone the new skills of the modern world - programming, electronic and robotics.

We have given several courses in the past, for 2017 we are preparing, in association with our sister company Articademy, two new courses: Making the Maker and The Teacher Maker

Making the Maker

Making the maker! Seed the digital competences and entrepreneurshipin the classroom using and making ICT.

The development of digital competences is a key issue in the school of the 21st century. It is with the technologies that our future European labor generations will work and compete in a global world. They need to be experts on them to not be defeated. So, it is crucial that we are able to teach them to understand, to use, and to create Information and Communications Technologies (ICT).

This task starts in our own classroom, knowing how to use and take the biggest benefits of the technologies available. We cannot be afraid of them. We need to make them our allies to teach the most different subjects (from math to literature).

Technologies also can be a good way of teaching... technologies. Specially if you can build your own technology product, in other words, if you are a maker and you teach your students to be one.

We would like to introduce you to one of those technologies. We want you to meet Gyro.

Gyro is an Edutainment Robot. It is anopen sourceplatform that combines Software, Hardware, and one online community. With Gyro, students can have fun while learning robotics and programming. You can use it to teach other subjects, from math to art.

The fact that Gyro technology is an Open source is very important. The teachers can download the code and the models. They can study them and create their own versions. After, they can share their derivatives with the community, and redefining their products together.

Nevertheless, we want to share with you more things, like the My Machine project, the Fablabs movement, take you to visit some Fablabs.

We also want to think with you how to implement and enhance the Digital competences in the Europe, starting with your classroom and school.

We wish that you help to build a network in the education community, contacting with teachers from different nationalities and backgrounds.

For all above, we built this course.

You can find more details about this course here.

Teacher Maker

The traditional concept of literacy is changing. In the 21st century people need much more than read, write and use arithmetic, to be able to compete in a global world. The importance of the Information and communications technology (ICT), in our days, as an engine for innovation, job creation and social and economic development, is so huge that justified the creation of the European Digital Competence Framework of the European Commission.

Consequently, we need to develop in our schools the technological literacy. This is, according with Cathrine Hasse & Jamie Wallace “The learnt ability to gain and combine technical know-how together with other forms of social and cultural understanding to identify and qualify opportunities for the deployment, use and application of new and disruptive technologies within a professional context”.(Learn more here)

For that, we design this course, to give the teachers the skills and autonomy necessary to enable them to create learning activities for enhancing the technological literacy inside their classrooms.

The base of this course is the technology literacy platform Gyro, which was created to promote one enjoyable learning on the three digital technology dimensions:

  • Social: taking part of the open community, where is encouraged and powered the learning, the collaboration, the sharing, the creation and the self-improvement. See Gyro portal
  • Software: the development of behavior for technological artefacts (physical or not) through the visual programming environment based on the computational Behavior Trees paradigm. See Gyro Creator
  • Electronics: edition, transformation and clone of a Gyro robot, from an electronics base, with different components that facilitate the invention of fun, crucial, or simply necessaries applications. See video, starting in the 1st minute

We structured this course through four workshops of creative and physical computing.

These workshops will happen in a space prepare for this purpose and with all the equipment necessary. The participants will be always support by one dedicated and expert team of trainers.

You can find more details about this course here.