Your robot. Your toy. Your friend.

With Gyro you can have fun while learning robotics and programming. You can use it to study other subjects, from math to arts.

Gyro is an Edutainment Robot that is pre-programmed with many features: drawing, play sounds, remote control, and more.

It's a great tool for parents and educators worldwide.

Just download the free mobile app and start playing with your new friend immediately.

Discover . Explore . Learn

With our free visual programming tool Visualino, you can program Gyro to go much beyond the pre-programmed features.

Gyro reacts to gestures, sounds, colours and lights.

Avoid obstacles or chase objects are just a few tasks that Gyro can 'learn' with you.

Open Design

We really mean it, unlike most educational robots Gyro is all hackable, and fully compatible with Arduino.

We invite you to open the shell and add your own sensors and actuators without losing the warranty.

If you go beyond the pre-defined shell and mobile apps, you can program and customize your Gyro into a new world of infinite possibilities.

Gyro is equipped with plenty of electronics goodies to enhance your curiosity and creativity.

What can GYRO do?

Gyro robot comes pre-programmed with a handful of features.
Just download the free mobile app into your mobile and start playing with it.

Colours and Lines

With its ground sensors Gyro is capable of detecting colours and lines. Place your maze on the floor and let Gyro solve it.

React to Gestures and Sounds

Wave your hand in front of Gyro and it will perform an action accordingly to your movement. Gyro can also listen to sounds, so you can make it react to the sound of claps.

Express Emotions

Make your Gyro alive with sounds, colored leds, movements and more.

Draw and Doodle

Place a marker on Gyro and control it with your smartphone (we recommend using a white sheet on the floor, otherwise you will to clean it after!)

Other features

Motoruino 2

Motoruino 2 is a fully featured electronics board designed with advanced robotics in mind.
100% Arduino compatible.

Programming Languages

Use a full set of Arduino libraries to have access to all Gyro's features, sensors and actuators. Or you can use Creator, a visual programming environment totally driven for physicalities.


Xbee socket makes connectivity possible through Bluetooth, WiFi or Radio.


Users are invited to create custom shells and acessories through templates provided in our website.


Perceive the world

  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Compass
  • Temperature
  • Motors Current
  • Battery
  • Microphone
  • Motor Encoders
  • Line Sensors
  • Ground and Frontal Color Sensor
  • Distance Sensors
  • Ambient Light Sensor
  • Gesture Sensor


Express emotions with sounds, colours and movement

  • 2 DC Motor Controller
  • Buzzer
  • RGB Led
  • Whiteboard Marker

Gyro Ecosystem

Gyro Ecosystem is everything related to the platform.

From expansions and upgrades for the robot platform , apps for mobile and desktop and also the capability to program Gyro with Creator.

A discussion forum where users can share their experiences and discuss new possibilities on a vibrant community.

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